The Camping floor mat

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Australians have a natural attraction to the great outdoors, and there is no better way to enjoy is than just sitting outside your camper or van having a beer or wine on one of these beautiful mats.

Designed for outdoor living from the ground up, the mats are ideal for placing outside your caravan, motorhome, or camper trailer. Comfortable under foot and perfect for keeping dirt and bugs at bay, they are made from 100 per cent recycled poly. Old milk bottles, rubbish bins, plastic bags and the like are reborn into one of the most essential caravan accessories.

Compounds are mixed in to make them UV resistant and long lasting. All mats come with a carry bag for ease of transport, and have eyelets for securing them to the ground. The mats are also non-slip and fully reversible.

Great to use at sporting events, school fetes, or anywhere you need a comfortable surface outdoors. These camping floor mat and grey rug can be ordered online at

The recycling renaissance

With ever increasing amounts of plastic being rounded up and disposed of correctly, the opportunity to recycle it has never been greater. There are countless products made from recycled materials, and the right kind of plastic is a one of huge potential. There is no reason that if items are manufactured from the correct plastics that they cannot be recycled and with very little waste. New bottles, containers, toys, furniture, clothes, insulation, carpets, tents and even camping floor mat made from recycled plastic are all very possible and this is simply the tip of the iceberg. Artists, community projects, schools, universities and many other institutions and creative people are recycling plastic in inventive and amazing ways. But just because it can be reused is no excuse for not being aware of the problem in the first place; making a few simple changes and choices can make a huge difference on mass and we all need to be aware of such things for the sake of generations to come