Must Have’s For Pet Vacuums

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One of the worst notions with homeowners is thinking that any vacuum cleaner can remove pet hairs from their carpets and furniture. Not to burst your bubble but not all vacuums give you the same results when it comes to removing your dog or cat’s dander, hair and bits of hair and anything else that the pet has left behind. From his fluffy coat. Let us look at some of the things that separate well, the men from the boys when it comes to vacuums.

The Suction
This is the mechanism that sucks up pet hair into the vacuum for disposal. You can feel the suction when you place your palm over the nozzle while the vacuum is running. This action will give you an idea of the level of suction that you are getting.

The suction pressure pulls up the pet hair from the carpet. If you seek a vacuum that traps the pet hair into a bag, you need to understand that the bag gets clogged with debris and tiny specks of dirt that get into the bag’s pores. This reduces the suction power of the vacuum, reducing its effectiveness. As the bag fills up and the more the debris in the bag, the more ineffective the suction.

This is the main reason you need a bagless vacuum for handling pet hair. Not only are there no pores to clog the canister but it makes the suction more efficient.

Adjustable Brushbar and Cleaner Head
Vacuums are meant to adjust to the type of flooring that you are vacuuming. However, low quality vacuums come with a brushbar that doesn’t move within the vacuum’s cleaner head. This means that the head moves along with the brushbar. Well, this might be perfect for hardwood floors, but when it comes to carpets, this won’t work to remove the pet hairs and dander that reside deep within the fibers of your carpet.

So, what should you do? Well, go for a vacuum that comes with a brushbar and cleaner head that allow for height adjustment. This is because you need the cleaner to slide up a bit when cleaning carpets. You also need the brushbar to dig deep into the carpet fibers to force the hair and dander to get loose.

A brushbar that doesn’t dig deep into the carpet might seem like it is working, but you need to know that the dirt and debris lying deep in the carpet fibers are the ones that wear out your carpet eventually. This is attributed to the oils that come off the pet hair that eventually get absorbed into the carpet fibers.

HEPA Filters
Vacuuming is a pretty nasty affair, evident from the debris you end up with in the bag or the canister. The vacuum has to condone with a lot of junk coming from the carpet, moving through the vacuum and finally getting deposited into the canister or bag before exiting the system.

If you don’t have an excellent filtration system, this junk doesn’t get filtered the right way and finds its way back into the room through the air coming out of the vacuum. Instead of getting rid of pet hair and dander, a poor filtering system brings them back into the room, making your work worthless.

You are looking for a vacuum that comes with a set of 2 filters, one of them a HEPA filter so that it can filter even the smallest pet hair.

Get the Right Attachments
Most standard tools that come with these vacuum cleaners are meant for normal dusting and cleaning. The only downside is that these tools don’t deliver when it comes to pet hair and dander. Instead, you need a tool that can handle pet hair. Preferably get a motorized brushbar which is light and small enough to handle corners and small spaces. Finally, the vacuum should be perfect for adding attachments. The process shouldn’t be time consuming or complicated.

Final Thoughts
You need to understand various aspects when it comes to getting the perfect vacuum for handling pet hair and dander. You also need to find the right source for these vacuums. Make sure you have a budget to follow, and use it to get the right vacuum for your carpet cleaning needs.